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KOLKATA: Trinamool has won almost three-fourths of the seats in the Bengal assembly, but its showing in reserved seats demonstrates BJP’s attempts at social engineering were successful to a considerable extent. The 84 reserved seats – 68 for SC and 16 for ST – saw a much closer contest between the two rivals in terms of seats won as well as vote shares than the general seats.
TMC won 45 of the reserved seats, BJP 39. Thus, TMC had just 15% more reserved seats than BJP. In general seats, TMC’s tally of 169 was four and a half times as much as BJP’s 38. The gap in vote share between the two in general seats was 13 percentage points – 49.2% against 36.2%. In the seats reserved for SC, that narrowed to under four percentage points with TMC getting 46.2% and BJP 42.8%. In ST seats, the gap was narrower, TMC’s share being 45.2% and BJP’s 44%.
The good news for TMC is in both SC and ST seats, its performance improved upon the 2019 showing, when the BJP had led in 46 segments and the TMC in just 37.


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