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KHANAKUL/SONARPUR: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on Sunday accused PM Narendra Modi of violating the model code of conduct by asking “state government officers to be ready when you come for the swearing-in ceremony (of the new Bengal government)”.
“You can make your political speeches in a democracy, but…this is illegal and unconstitutional,” she said of Modi’s alleged remarks at Hooghly’s Haripal on Saturday.
“Does this suit a Prime Minister? You have no authority to instruct state officers. When elections are underway, you are giving instructions to state officers. What do you think of yourself? Are you God or superhuman? He peddles lies everyday,” the CM said during a rally in Hooghly’s Khanakul. “If I start instructing your officers, will it be correct? No, it would not be. So, first handle Delhi and your officers.”

Mamata also accused Union home minister Amit Shah of getting police officers transferred daily, using the Election Commission. “This home minister is changing officers daily. They transferred four officers even yesterday. What will you gain out of it? You think you are picking officers close to BJP, but I believe all officers will work impartially. And those who will work for you should be ready to work with you in future too. I have no problem with it,” she said. She even referred to an officer who was sent to Cooch Behar ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in 2019, and has now been sent to Alipurduar.
“A few people”, she said, “are listening to BJP and acting on their behalf. They may be thinking that they will follow Delhi’s instructions for a while…. You (Delhi) had repatriated 125 officers. You had removed them…. BJP’r ek mash (BJP is only for a month). After that, we will remain. They have lost completely. They will lose their deposits in many places. First, let them get 50 seats.” Addressing the minority community, the CM alleged that BJP was trying to “divide you”.
“To divide minority votes, they are fomenting trouble and making communal statements. I do not do communal politics. I work with Hindus and Muslims together. It is my responsibility to ensure your security and the well-being of your society. All these rotten people can never do that. They have sold themselves to BJP.”
To Hindus, she said: “BJP goes to homes and says that we are Hindus and they are Muslims. When a tiger steps out of the forest and we chase it, do we see who is Hindu or who is Muslim? When floods ravage our homes, does it differentiate between Hindu and Muslim homes? Am I not a daughter of a Brahmin family? Am I not a Hindu? Stay together, fight together and do not create divisions among yourselves. Years back, it was a Muslim youth who saved my life. This is how a society protects its own.”

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